New t-shirt from Velocitron coming this Spring... colors should be nailed down in a couple of weeks!


Bechigon - Gamma Ray

Bechigon, Gamma Ray version
Limited to 4
Released at SuperFest 48

This figure was released as the companion to The Keeper Bechigon. Does the name make any more sense now? If you can figure out where the names send me an e-mail, and if you're the first to discover the secret I'll send you a prize!

The green vinyl this Bechigon is made from is actually a special color mix! It's a yellow green that is unlike any other figure made, to my knowledge. I actually asked them to make it based on the color of a brand of body wash I was using. Every morning I'd get in the shower and think "That would be a really cool color for a figure...". And in the end, I think it did indeed.

Bechigon - The Keeper

Bechigon, The Keeper Version
Limited to 7
Released at SuperFestival 48

These guys are on clear orange, which is one of my all-time favorite vinyl colors. Expect to see a few more Bechigons in this color at some point in the future! I tried to keep it relatively simple with black and metallic green spray, but I had a definite theme in mind when I painted these guys up... anyone recognize it? If you're stumped, check the version right above for a bit of a clue.


Bechigon - 私の赤ちゃん

Bechigon, 私の赤ちゃん version
Limited to 7
To be released December 20th at DIY Kaijufest (http://monsterworship.com/events/)

This one is almost straight out of a dumb, old horror comic. What is the invader's nefarious plan? To give new life? OR TO TAKE IT AWAY? This is also the first Bechigon to feature no spray at all, as the purple parts are actually done with a special plastic dye. Very cool effect, as it completely changes the color of the vinyl (plus it won't scratch!).

Bechigon - Nostromo

Bechigon, Nostromo version
Limited to 7
To be released December 20th at DIY Kaijufest (http://monsterworship.com/events/)

Another GID entry with drippy paint, a little similar to the Deep Ones. But this time it definitely didn't come from the ocean... I really like the combination of red, black and metallic lavender on this one. I was originally shooting for a deeper purple, but I kind of grew to like this color (even though it does look like 80's eyeshadow a bit). This is still a test version, so the final one might be a bit different...

Bechigon - Deep Ones

Bechigons, Deep Ones version
Limited to 4 each
Released at Patchi-Kaiju Summit (Autumn 2008)

These guys were also on glow vinyl, but the paint application is a bit different. I wanted to get away from only spray and try a few new techniques, so I thought I'd try to make them look like they had just drug themselves out of the depths of the ocean (well, maybe the swamp for the green one...). They still glow pretty strongly, particularly the blue one, and I think the neon eyes make for a cool contrast.